Security Guard Jobs Condor Security, Canada



The government or private party employs a security guard. The point is for them to shield the utilizing gathering’s resources from an assortment of dangers by authorizing protection measures. More so, Condor’s security guard services meet the risks and challenges in the residential markets specific to the Greater Toronto Area.


The organization perceives that each market area requires an expansive range of help benefits and concentrated process. This is to augment an incentive for the customer and address the danger factors implied.

Safety officer work force have a help structure for revealing occurrences and getting extra course. Condor Security’s help structure incorporates a devoted day in and day out Dispatch administration who habitually direct site assessments, and the board delegates available to come in to work every minute of every day.



  • Visit the job/career section of Condor, and check out available positions that you would like to apply (you can apply to multiple positions).
  • They will check and review your resumes.
  • They will contact you if you qualify for the initial interview.
  • You will be invited for the second interview if you pass the first one.
  • You will participate in the Level 1 Pre-Qualifying Basic Security Training Course if you pass the 2nd interview.
  • If you are one of the successful candidates, you will be invited for conditional employment.