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   Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts Overview

Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts is an Emirati international luxury hotel chain and part of Dubai Holding. It is a well-established luxury hotel company. This company has had a great impact on the world hospitality market over the years. Jumeirah Group recognizes the value of transparency and accountability in its management practices. They also support the right of individuals to report fraud or unethical behavior to the authorities.


      Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts Careers

This hotel company works deliberately on delivering exceptional service and providing top-notch experiences to its guests. However, Jumeirah can only achieve their desires through their workers/staffs/colleague’s commitment to delivering the Stay Different promise to their lovely guests.

Jumeirah culture and their ways of working and treating everyone nice together are what make it unique as a whole company. Jumeirah refers to its unique qualities as its Hallmarks. Moreover, as a colleague in Jumeirah family, we each pledge that:

– I will consistently grin and welcome our visitors before they meet me

– My first reaction to a visitor solicitation won’t ever be no

– I will approach all partner with deference and honesty

However, these three Hallmarks clarify what our identity is and how we act toward our visitors and one another. They are the principle elements for our prosperity.

In fact, Jumeirah will permit you to be the absolute best you can be and it will be your place to sparkle – to be excellent in what your identity is and what you do.

Additionally, if your dream have always been to work at Jumeirah Hotels or any hotel before, you can try Jumeirah Hotels out. Some of the vacancies at Jumeirah include but are not limited to; Chefs, Attendants, Managers, Marketers, Waiters, Cleaners and lots more.

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